[Viscom-dev] Promotion CD

Malte Halbey-Martin malte at geog.fu-berlin.de
Sat Mar 3 06:27:10 EST 2007

Hi Viscom Commitee,

this was recently discussed on the GRASS list, what we can do for a
rising GRASS awareness in the world.

One thing which was mentioned as the most important thing to do is a
stable, easy to use and fancy GIS live CD which can be spread on
conferences, meetings, etc. I'm thinking about something like the last
FOSS4GIS cd or the omniverde live CD.


I'm just asking if there are any ressources (financial, manpower) to
create such professional promotion CD's (like these from the big
software companies with a nice cover, good looking...).

I think we have some good CD's already existing where we can create
something on top. Additionally the iso should be downloadable as well,
but it would be great when we can hand out such an item on the next
important conferences to people who hadn't used OSGeo software ever...

For me this is just a "salery" item to spread OSGeo- Software into to
world .

Just an idea from
Nice weekend to all of you!
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