[Viscom-dev] Merger with WebCom?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Mar 21 17:08:09 EDT 2007

Tyler wrote:
> It seems to me that others on the committee are happy
> to take on some of the bigger events as long as adequate
> support is available.  How much financial support the
> board approves is another matter, but don't let it confuse
> you.  Perhaps we need to have this discussion again,
> but thought we ironed this out a while back.

Probably.  From an outsider's viewpoint, I'm in favour of supporting
smaller events that don't cost the foundation as much.  I'm worried
about the ongoing viability of OSGeo as a high-outlay organisation, and
feel that in a lot of the budgeting we are definitely putting the cart
before the horse.  Are we still confident of the level of funding that
we will be able to sustain on an annual basis?  If not, VisCom needs to
rethink priorities.  Even if there is money available, large events take
up a disproportionate amount of VisCom's scarce volunteer resources.
They might be better spent on grass-roots communications efforts than
big shows.

> Also they have such real timelines/ deadlines associated
> with them that events tend to take priority over everything else.

For specific events, I'd suggest striking subset groups which can meet
outside of regular times and present their decisions to the committee.  


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