[Viscom-dev] Re: [52N Security] 52°North posts new FAQs!

"Jörg Thomsen (MapMedia GmbH)" jt at mapmedia.de
Fri Mar 30 06:18:15 EDT 2007

hi Arnulf,

thanks for your long cunstructiv mail! Just one question to complete :-) 
my FOSS-education:

Arnulf Christl wrote:
> And you are talking of "products" instead of
> "software projets". This mixing of Open Source projects with the
> corresponding governance and openness do not go together well with the
> interests of a commercial undertaking.

Aren't the results of OS-projects products? I'm often talking about the 
products MapServer, Mapbender etc., because for poeple thinking in 
product-boxes it is easier to understand, that we offer working software 
  and not blabla.

Am I wrong?


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