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Jeroen Ticheler Jeroen at Ticheler.net
Tue Nov 20 05:46:59 EST 2007

Excellent wording Arnulf!!

On Nov 20, 2007, at 11:34 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:

> Hello,
> I suggest to first focus on new potential users, then sponsors.  
> Developers pick all of this it up anyway if they are good. I have  
> put together a few messages and how they are connected. As main  
> targets for Marketing I can identify:
> * New users (direct marketing)
> * New sponsors (good direct marketing as argument to get sponsors)
> * New projects (Only a strong, independent OSGeo is attractive to  
> cool[1] projects. We want cool projects to join)
> Marketing should not have to care about existing projects, sponsors  
> and users, but - and thats the trick - by doing a good marketing  
> job, all existing projects, sponsors and users will also profit  
> because it is good for OSGeo from an overall viewpoint.
> To new users the message could be:
> * Use OSGeo Software because it is proven and thats what we are  
> here for
>  and good at
> * Explain OSGeo's role in Incubation and why this is good for  
> users. * OSGeo will achieve better Geospatial data availability - a  
> crucial  problem to many users
> * OSGeo Education will help you to get better educated and find a job
> * Connecting with the OSGeo community makes you learn, understand   
> and profit for free[2]
> To potential sponsors this message can be conveyed with a slant on  
> monetary profit:
> * You profit by sponsoring OSGeo because OSGeo *is* well known and   
> accepted as an authority in the matter
> * Your OSGeo support will raise your Karma with new potential  
> customers
> * Your service will be easier to find (still needs some "pimp my SPD",
>  working on this...)
> To existing OSGeo projects this message can be conveyed with a  
> slant on raising awareness in the community, spread the word and  
> potentially get more support for development (monetary or capacities):
> * More sponsors bring in more money (this is also "internal" marketing
>  of the OSGeo project sponsorship program)
> * More visibility raises awareness, usage and liveliness
> * Graduating is good, push it. (but be careful to not push it too hard
>  as it is one of the few assets that OSGeo's actually *can* market!)
> To new projects the connected message is obvious:
> * Apply for incubation (if you dare) as it will raise your profile
> * Profit from collaboration in a community. If there already are
>  competing projects inside OSGeo then it will be better to also   
> join instead of working "against it" from the outside. OSGeo is  by  
> default gentle to everybody.
> Best regards, Arnulf.
> [1] "Coolness" is probably not quite the right term - but then  
> again - we are into marketing here. "Cool" in this context means
> [2] Obviously OSGeo aims at exploiting individuals as any other non- 
> profit also does. But this should happen as a result of people  
> being happy and wanting to get exploited (see also Damian Conway's  
> FOSS4G Keynote), not because OSGeo whines for volunteers as so many  
> non-profits do. OSGeo is a cool shop and it is cool to volunteer  
> for things.
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