[Viscom-dev] Request to change committee name to Marketing

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Wed Oct 3 15:07:00 EDT 2007

He Committee,
I have a hard time remembering even the mailing list name of this
committee. Additionally we have changed our course a bit over the past
half year (0°, full stop... :-). Therefore I want to propose to the
committee a name change to "Marketing Committee" and to rename this
mailing list to "marketing at osgeo.org". It makes us better distinguishable
from WebCom and probably gives people a better impression of what we are
aiming at.

Please discuss or just nod via email (I will count replies for the next
week and take whatever comes back as a reasonable representation of the
core interest group of this committee).

I have loads of plans for VisCom - ahm - MarketingCom (hmm, sonds a little
awkward too...) and they basically involve marketing OSGeo and its
projects. And yes - we even got a budget now for Marketing, it is not much
(15k) but this should be used carefully and properly to get best results
for all of OSGeo.

Best regards, Arnulf.

Arnulf Christl

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