[Viscom-dev] Request to change committee name to Marketing

Dean Mikkelsen dcmikkelsen at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 3 15:26:09 EDT 2007

Hi Arnulf,
I agree with the marketing brand for this mailing list.
Speaking of marketing, though, when I look through the sponsors sites, I do not see the OSGeo Logo or reference to it that often.
One exception is being Wheregroup - here is proof in the pudding: http://www.wheregroup.com/en/free_software
I was not aware Ingres was involved now and the same with INPE - till after the conference. There were no press releases. Did we in VisCom/Marketing forget to mention it to the Press? 
Arnulf is correct, we have to build a brand and we have to let the sponsors help build that brand. Even if it is just a logo and a small caption on the web-site describing their software saying "A proud sponsor of OSGeo". Marketing works both ways, though, and OSGeo in their events or publications can even list the logos of sponsoring companies on a sidebar of a Press release, etc.. If the companies are realizing they are also getting traction by sponsoring OSGeo, they will want to also put more life into marketing the OSGeo Brand.
Do we have anything in any of sponsorship contracts indicating inclusion on Websites, Product Brochures, etc.?
My two cents.

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Subject: [Viscom-dev] Request to change committee name to Marketing
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> He Committee,
> I have a hard time remembering even the mailing list name of this
> committee. Additionally we have changed our course a bit over 
> the past
> half year (0°, full stop... :-). Therefore I want to propose to the
> committee a name change to "Marketing Committee" and to rename this
> mailing list to "marketing at osgeo.org". It makes us better 
> distinguishablefrom WebCom and probably gives people a better 
> impression of what we are
> aiming at.
> Please discuss or just nod via email (I will count replies for 
> the next
> week and take whatever comes back as a reasonable representation 
> of the
> core interest group of this committee).
> I have loads of plans for VisCom - ahm - MarketingCom (hmm, 
> sonds a little
> awkward too...) and they basically involve marketing OSGeo and its
> projects. And yes - we even got a budget now for Marketing, it 
> is not much
> (15k) but this should be used carefully and properly to get best 
> resultsfor all of OSGeo.
> Best regards, Arnulf.
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> Arnulf Christl
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