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Dean Mikkelsen dcmikkelsen at shaw.ca
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Hi everyone,
Looking a the flyers produced from GeoNetwork Open Source, they are impressive and very well written. 
You can find some copies of the flyer on home page for the project.
I'd be interested in the Design Cost and the Printing Cost. We'd also should be able to keep the marketing files on one central site/server and be able to check them out/check them in (much like Trac) for Version Control (so we don't have people always coming in and modifying them).
Maintaining brochures and documentation can be as complicated as maintaining code.

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Subject: [Marketing] Re: [Viscom-dev] OSGeo Marketing strategy...
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> dear Jeroen,
> On Tue, Oct 09, 2007 at 12:40:45AM +0200, Jeroen Ticheler wrote:
> > During the OSGeo board meeting we discussed OSGeo's work on 
> marketing  
> > in the coming year. One thing was the paper work (flyers, 
> journal,  
> > conference stuff etc..) and the other area of focus would be 
> the  
> > website.
> Right, i remember Paul slapping the FOSS4G brochure and proclaiming,
> "look, just add money!" And the Geonetwork site definitely has the
> "gloss effect".  
> > things to get wider recognition and also a more visible "value 
> for  
> > money" message that can be used when discussing with 
> potential  
> > sponsors. I'm very keen to work on this and get all OSGeo 
> outreach  
> > better streamlined (web & paper & conference materials etc...)
> Hooray!
> jo
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