[Marketing] this issue of sponsorship for OSGeo presence at conferences

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Wed Oct 10 14:02:17 EDT 2007

dear all,

I popped my head in meeting of the Marketing committee at a sad moment
earlier where Yves Jacolin et al are asking for supporting budget to
put up an OSGeo presence in an "Open Source Village" at a big vendor
conference in Tunis. They have matching funds even from one of the
french companies that is attending there. 
But VisCom does not have a budget to dispose of right now.

It could help out a bit in terms of making brochures and
liveCDs/installer CDs available for such ventures. There is a lot of
interest in this sort of thing and the measured response seems to be
"Organise with your local osgeo chapter, approach local companies..."
Perhaps the SPD could be used to help that happen?

I also note it seems to be in the finance committee's remit to set and
release a definite budget to the Marketing Committee, AFAIK we/it is/are
planning to meet within the next couple of weeks.



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