[Board] Re: [Marketing] this issue of sponsorship for OSGeo presence at conferences

Yves Jacolin yjacolin at free.fr
Wed Oct 10 16:16:50 EDT 2007

Hi lists,

As far as I am concerned, I would like to give some details/reflexion. First 
of all, OSGeo-fr will find a solution about the sponsorisation of this event. 
Although this will not be easy, OSGeo-fr will be present (I don't know 
exactly how we will but we will :) ).

Secondly, Local Chapter could need some help (for funding, building etc) from 
OSGeo. I don't know if the comparison is interresting, but Local chapter can 
be seen like OSGeo project. Sometime, it could be interesting to get some 
help from a supervisor like the project get one in the incubating process. In 
my mind, OSGeo-fr is still in an incubating process although it has been 
officialy accepted by OSGeo 3 weeks ago.

We have still some issues about organizing. This could be seem quiete far from 
the initial topic, but the fact is we don't know exactly what are the 
important steps before to begin project. Build a local community from almost 
nothing is not easy and may be I failed to ask so help from OSGeo (Tyler is a 
great help for this of course, I would like to thanks him for all the help is 
bring to me). I would be really interesting to share information with all 
local chapter about this.

Do you thing is important to begin by looking for sponsorship from companies 
before to begin Promotion and Visiblity projet (aka Marketing) of OSGeo? I 
think now that OSGeo-fr should focus on create legal organisation and find 
some sponsorship before managing a booth at the trade show.

Sorry if my answer is too far from the initial topic.

Best regards,

(Yves Jacolin)
Le mercredi 10 octobre 2007 21:20, Frank Warmerdam a écrit :
> Jo Walsh wrote:
> > dear all,
> >
> > I popped my head in meeting of the Marketing committee at a sad moment
> > earlier where Yves Jacolin et al are asking for supporting budget to
> > put up an OSGeo presence in an "Open Source Village" at a big vendor
> > conference in Tunis. They have matching funds even from one of the
> > french companies that is attending there.
> > But VisCom does not have a budget to dispose of right now.
> > http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2007-10-10.log
> Jo,
> If VisCom (now the Marketting Committee?) wanted to fund this
> conference, I would be fine with them spending out of next
> years tentative budget.
> > It could help out a bit in terms of making brochures and
> > liveCDs/installer CDs available for such ventures. There is a lot of
> > interest in this sort of thing and the measured response seems to be
> > "Organise with your local osgeo chapter, approach local companies..."
> > Perhaps the SPD could be used to help that happen?
> Local chapters collecting sponsorship or other funds for local
> promotion is certainly a reasonable approach, though it does not
> seem inappropriate to me to approach viscom for funding for strategically
> important conferences.  It would be up to viscom to prioritize how they
> want to spend their budget.
> > I also note it seems to be in the finance committee's remit to set and
> > release a definite budget to the Marketing Committee, AFAIK we/it is/are
> > planning to meet within the next couple of weeks.
> I believe the finance committee would be expected to propose a budget
> to the full board for approval, and then monitor that the foundation is
> operating within it.
> Best regards,

Yves Jacolin

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