[Marketing] New meeting time suggested!

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Tue Apr 8 04:40:08 EDT 2008

Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> 11pm Thursday for me, I'm all over it...
> -mpg

finally I managed to confuse all. 

For mpg its Thursday, for the rest of us its Friday and on the Wiki it says Wednesday. So what should we do?

I suggest keeping the timeanddate URL and changing the day to say Friday. Is that reasonable? It gives us two more days to think about what we do to the logos and the communication plan. First agenda item will be to appoint at time zone manager. 

So now it is:
Seattle *	Thu 11:00 PM
Vancouver *	Thu 11:00 PM
Berlin *	Fri 8:00 AM
Tokyo	Fri 3:00 PM
Sydney	Fri 4:00 PM

The Ouch-ones:
Toronto *	Fri 2:00 AM
New York *	Fri 2:00 AM

Regards, Arnulf. 

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>>> Hello,
>>> to better accommodate Australia, Asia and Europe it was suggested  
>>> to rotate meeting times. Please check whether this works for you:
>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Marketing_Committee#Regular_Meeting
>> I'm glad to hear you've come around ;-)
>> I fixed the day in the timeanddate.com url.  I suggest it rotate  
>> every two meetings - so that no one has to stay up too late (or get  
>> up too early) for more than a couple weeks in a row.
>> The suggested time should be okay for me for this week.
>> Tyler
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