[Marketing] OSGeo Booth at CGS

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Apr 10 13:42:40 EDT 2008

> Please contact Michael Gerlek (mpg) for 5 original OSGeo T-shirts  
> (you, Landon and the three volunteers). He will send them to your  
> postal address.

You have these on-hand already Michael?  Otherwise I have some here  
already too that I can send (Shirts 2.0 :-) )

> Poster?! If you need them printed out at $50,- please make sure  
> they can be reused a few times and then I think we can also put  
> this on our bill.

I have a pull-up/pop-up banner that has an old FOSS4G 2007 poster in  
it.  Would replacing it with a generic OSGeo poster and shipping it  
to you help?

Dave Percy has the table skirt, I believe.  I'm not sure the timing  
for when he needs it, but I believe there are a few months between  
this event and then.

> Do we need to vote on this?  If yes:
> I motion to spend the above specified amounts from the Marketing  
> event support budget for CGS 2008 with Alex Mandel and Landon Blake  
> acting as responsible contacts. http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/CGS_2008

I'll second it, but would like to make sure they have enough for a  
couple helpers to also attend the event too (it's like a $35 fee +  
food) in case they need it.  That's where Alex's $300 figure came  
from.  That's booth (75), 2 attendee tickets and food (150) and some  
printing - I think it's a good deal.

If we could just amend the motion to allow ~$300 to cover the event,  
I think that'd work for me.

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