[Marketing] GeoWeb conference opportunties

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Tue Feb 12 12:49:55 EST 2008

GeoWeb 2008 is this year doing a Student Competition, the idea of which
will be to award a substantial cash prize for the best technical
contribution(s) submitted.  If software is included as part of the
contribution, it must be open source (w00t!).


Google and Galdos are the two initial sponsors for this contest, and
they are both putting in a substantial amount, probably enough to
"endow" future such competitions.

I'd like to see OSGeo support this conference, as I intend to be pushing
for papers and content relating to applications of open source solutions
to the GIS infrastructure problems being focussed on this year.  And
ideally, I think, OSGeo could offer it's support in line with this
educational initiative of supporting students.

I'm not thinking much money: we could probably get at least our logo on
the program for US$1000.

[disclaimer: yes, I'm on the GeoWeb committee...]

Comments? Where does our budget stand?


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