[Board] Re: [Marketing] Processing "OSGeo Teach-in" request

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Jun 3 18:34:26 EDT 2008

> I'm not in favour of giving special rights to sponsors
> with minimal ties, if any, simply because they pay.
> I'd rather have the ability to allow trusted users to
> move ahead under the brand, with certain approved terms.
> Certainly "trusted" is subjective, but the policy
> would have to help with that part.

Perhaps this could be devolved to the projects and local chapters... If
an organisation wants to hold an OSGeo Teach-In, they need approval from
either a local chapter or a project PSC.  This would be a good
indication that the organisation is active in the community.

I wonder if we could make the license fee contingent on the structure of
the event; for-profit events have to pay the licensing fee?  Or maybe
only exclude non-profit events organised by a local chapter (or local
chapter in formation)?


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