[Marketing] Updating OSGeo product flyers

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Wed Jun 11 06:30:54 EDT 2008

in preparation for the CASCADOSS event in Poland we are currently updating the OSGeo flyers. Unfortunately they are not yet organized for collaborative editing but exit in multiple versions and locations. Additionally the Skribus software that is used to maintain the one-page information sheets is somewhat cumbersome and many people have never used it before or would even need to install it. This makes updating a larger and coordinated effort and thus does not get done on a regular basis. 

I had hoped that we could just point the software project chairs to a version in the SVN where they can download, update and commit changes easily. To make this process easier for peoplewe suggest to switch to a more common software which might be in more widespread use. OpenOffice seems ot be a good compromise. In the worst case people can submit in PPT and we create PDF from it with OpenOffice. 


Best regards, 

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