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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Mon Jun 16 09:57:43 EDT 2008

On Sat, June 14, 2008 04:57, Alex Mandel wrote:
> So I went to commit my OSGeo generic business card into the svn and hit
> a snag, semantics or ontologies you could say.
> Could we clarify definitions and folder structure.
> Brochures - Multipage or folding pamplets
> Flyers - Single page (1 or 2 sided) or quarter sheet,etc.
> Logos - Images
> Posters - Large format single sided
> Cards - Business card size, typically printed on card stock

Yes please, go ahead.

> I'm proposing 2 new folders: Posters and Cards
> I'm also proposing that we move all the current "Brochures" to Flyers
> since they are single sided non-folding. I consulted my editor and a
> dictionary to clarify the difference. If we ever make a fancy double sided
> book of all the projects that would go in Brochures.

What is currently in Flyers should go into the brochures collectively but
we should also have them as separate documents so that projects can use
them to promote themselves individually without having to print out all
the other projects.

I'd also like to have versions of each software project with a blank
rectangle on the lower part where consultants and service providers can
put their stamp or stick their v-cards in. This might encourage companies
to help spread word about OSGeo and its projects actively when they appear
at conferences, trade shows, etc.

> I'm also in disagreement on ODP only formats, I was just working in OO

I think the "only" only meant to say that we don't want things to come in

> and realized all the things I couldn't quite do as compared to Inkscape. So
> while I agree ODP is more accessible for simple one page flyers I think we
> should make it a recommendation as multi page brochures and more graphical
> things like Posters and Cards could be done better with other open tools.
> (Scribus and Inkscape)

Tyler proposed to go for Skribus half a year back, we moved everything
there and it works just fine. But since that day the flyers have not been
touched and none of the new projects have been added. PSC's will probably
not produce any content at all if they have to do more than twitch a
finger. Therefore we now suggested to go for OpenOffice as the lowest
possible barrier to produce new content. Torsten has edited an ODP to be
used as a kind of template version for PSC chairs to update their content.
I'll upload it to the SVN later.

> Off the top of my head logos shouldn't be done in ODP, and true layer
> control makes life easier.

The new logo is in preparation by a design company and should be available
soon (Marketing actually spent some money there). It will come in EPS
format and we will again create all kinds of version in all kinds of
resolutions so that people can simply grab it off the shelf in whatever
form they need it.

> A few side notes, the Open Office PDF importer is not standard it's a
> beta plugin: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Pdf_Import_Extension
> Inkscape can import PDF files via gs.

I hope that we will never need to import PDF but rather have a working
copy of whatever produced it...

> Scribus can use OpenOffice Docs for filling text boxes.
> - Because of this one option is to write text in ODT and simply link
> it into the Scribus doc. Then link the current images you want and walla
> the Scribus doc is now ready for output.

Yes. Sounds great in theory, alas it never worked. Proving otherwise will
add loads of good Karama to your account...

> Last time I checked Scribus PDF output options actually worked (compress
> etc.) and Open Office did not(haven't tried 2.4 yet). It also supports
> color management and is one of the few applications that does.

My copy of OpenOffice prints PDF alright, for most publishing purposes
this should be enough (not for high res poster plots obviously). But this
does not mean that that I am bound to OpenOffice or anything else. If you
manage to get people contribute at all the format is irrelevant to me.

Feel free to join the Marketing committee if you are interested - then you
can also officially vote the next time we try to fix something.

Thanx, Arnulf

> Thanks,
> Alex
> PS: They are all python scriptable
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Arnulf Christl

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