[Marketing] AAG Update

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Thu Nov 13 22:07:20 EST 2008

The AAG abstract submission closes tonight and I wanted to give everyone
an update on what's going on.

We've got 8 papers and 5 panelists in 3 sessions lined up.
Looking through the abstract database there are several other FOSS talks
that will probably end up in the sessions, I just need to finish
tracking them down.

Booth - I know Tyler submitted the paperwork and deposit, but we haven't
heard anything back on the status of the booth. I noticed we're not
listed on the exhibitor info so I imagine it's in limbo right now,
possibly over our 501 non-profit status.

I've adjusted the proposed budget(down) and will change it again once we
have an idea how much the Exhibit Pack will cost.
Right now I'm estimating $2300 with $500-1000 coming from OSGeo and the
rest to be raised from other sponsors.

UC Davis has offered a little thank to my advisors lab, FortiusOne is
interested thanks to one of our speakers and I'm curious if anyone has
contacts with O'Reilly as I'd like to approach them about sponsoring the
booth since they don't have one at the AAG.
Any other ideas?

Maybe at the next meeting we can discuss how to approach and secure the
booth funding.


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