[Marketing] Introduction

Miguel Montesinos mmontesinos at prodevelop.es
Tue Oct 14 13:15:10 EDT 2008

Hello to everybody,


I'm Miguel Montesinos, and I'd like to introduce myself.


I attended last FOSS4G Marketing BOF, following Jeroen's suggestion, and
I think I can try to help to this task.


I'm member of the gvSIG PSC and technical committee. I am also one of
the 3 owners of my company (Prodevelop). We are a small-sized company
(50+ people) mainly focused on open-source, and I'm the main responsible
of marketing tasks in the company.


Being an engineer I'm not a real expert on marketing, so I attended a
MBA 5 years ago, where I received some boring lessons on marketing


I hope to contribute to this essential initiative.




Miguel Montesinos

CTO Prodevelop

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