[Marketing] Re: Motion: AAG 2009 Proposal

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Oct 14 16:25:57 EDT 2008

Oops, wasn't really worded as a motion, but please still give a  
comment or a vote of support/objection.

On 14-Oct-08, at 1:23 PM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:

> Committee members, please share you comments or concerns ASAP on this:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/AAG_2009
> The main issue being the $1,000 booth charge.  The rest is  
> flexible.  If there are no huge objections, then I will book the  
> booth with a $500 deposit since there are only 4 booth spots left  
> and deadline is in a day or so.
> Tyler
> On 14-Oct-08, at 1:18 PM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>> I support the proposed approach and discussed it today with Alex  
>> in more detail:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/AAG_2009
>> At the end of the day it's whether or not we want to have a booth  
>> - that will cost $1,000.  The other costs are very flexible and  
>> alternatives will be sought to cover them.
>> $1,000 is, relatively speaking, great value for money and  
>> virtually supports local chapters around North America and,  
>> apparently, internationally too.  We've lamented not having a  
>> booth at AAG for several years now.  I see it as a strategic  
>> outreach that crosses disciplines, focuses on potential users and  
>> has a large number of interested attendees.
>> Time is running out and we need to make a $500 deposit ASAP,  
>> before they close us out of having a booth.  Since the event isn't  
>> until next year, that gives us lots of time to work on further  
>> sponsorships or partnerships to help fund the remaining $500 of  
>> the booth.
>> Also, even though it's always a good strategy to reduce our costs  
>> or cost-share for these kinds of events - these are some of the  
>> things our foundation sponsors sponsor us to do.  So finding OSGeo  
>> sponsors helps to make these events more sustainable in the future.
>> Tyler
>> On 8-Oct-08, at 12:48 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>> Alex,
>>> I don't expect you will get a commitment from the Marketing  
>>> Committee before Tyler returns (on Monday).
>>> Even then, OSGeo's budget is small, ~ $3K per local chapter. And  
>>> I'd argue that OSGeo doesn't have resources to fully fund  
>>> participation at any event.
>>> I suggest you approach local Open Source industry who will be at  
>>> the conference. You may be able to share a booth with them.
>>> Commercial Support for Open Source is key to the user value  
>>> proposition, and without it Open Source uptake will be limited.
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