[Marketing] Motion: AAG 2009 Proposal

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed Oct 15 11:20:44 EDT 2008

I agree with the initial proposal, but disagree with the second part of
this.  OSGeo needs to be weaning itself from Autodesk funding rather
than relying more heavily on it.  We all know that OSGeo is not
controlled by Autodesk, but that perception is still out there to some

I don't mind the "friends" association, and really appreciate the time
and effort that ADSK staff put into OSGeo, but I don't like the
perceived "child of" association much.  It reduces our ability to
forward our agenda as long as we're seen (by some) as a clever game
piece under ADSK's control.


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From: Cameron Shorter
Subject: Re: [Marketing] Motion: AAG 2009 Proposal

+1 from me this time around, but in future I'll likely vote against 
without matching local sponsorship. I still think we should approach 
Autodesk and ask for a co-contribution.

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