[Marketing] Booth Ideas

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Thu Oct 16 15:15:19 EDT 2008

Seen this?


Good stuff from Mark Leslie. To which I would add my comments:

* We (Refractions) found we could dress a (10x10) booth pretty will
with a set of three standing banners, arranged in a shallow U. The
only negative is that the standard banner height is about 6', which
leaves the display looking a smidge short. Still, way better (IMO)
than banners hung from the back of a booth. Also, because your display
is in three parts, it's easy to swap in new items over time.
** Side note on the "banners as backdrop" meme, the design of the
banners should bear in mind that anything from the floor to about the
3 foot mark will be unreadable, behind a desk, so no content should go

BTW, The cost of a standard pop-up U-shaped display has really fallen
of late, particularly if you hook up with a decent Chinese
distributor. I know a guy who knows a guy.

* A couple big LCD monitors, work well with laptops, particularly for
demos, since you can drive the demo *facing* the demoe and other
** Side note on the LCD monitors, a slideshow that runs in a loop,
telling the OSGeo story in 4 second screen flips and screen shots,
makes a great way to (a) fill space when you're not demoing and (b)
grab the attention of passersby. (It seems to hit the hunter reflex,
"hey, there's something moving over there, better take a look").

* Aesthetic note. Blank CD/DVDs with a silkscreened logo look swish
and don't cost much per unit if you buy a big load of them. We could
get a large load of blanks with the OSGeo logo and then send them out
to people burning the latests DVD.


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