[Marketing] OSGeo Project flyers

Jens Fitzke fitzke at lat-lon.de
Thu Apr 9 06:07:32 EDT 2009


The German local OSGeo chapter, AKA FOSSGIS e.V., is currently busy with
preparing a booth at the "Linux Tag" a famous 3 day conference focused on Open
Source Software [1].

There will be an activity to provide up-to-date material on OSGeo and its
projects. As a member of the deegree PSC I was wondering if we could include a
deegree flyer which uses the "official" OSGeo layout even though deegree's
incubation process is not finished yet.

I have a collection of various OSGeo project flyers from different conferences
where obviously even incubating projects are included, sometimes mentioning that
it is an incubating project, sometimes not.

Is there already a policy which covers this issue? -- Where can we find more

If not: We'd suggest to allow incubating projects to use the official OSGeo
project flyer, provided that the flyer indicates that it is an incubating project.

Is there a "offical" project flyer template which we could use?


[1] http://www.linuxtag.org/2009/

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