[Marketing] Stickers for OSGeo

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Fri Aug 7 15:08:36 EDT 2009

On a recent trip to the UK I was pleasantly surprised to see at least 3 
different people sporting OSGeo stickers on their laptops.  After having 
a brain freeze, wondering where they got them from, I remember I sent 
out a few samples I had done up a while back.  They weren't even that 
good, but it was great to see and I believe more people would like to 
have them for expressing their community interest, or to subversively 
cover up other logos ;-)

That said, I'd like some ideas or input for slogans for stickers.  I see 
two target groups: 1) OSGeo member "pride" stickers (for expressing that 
they support OSGeo projects, or use them.. as conversation starters, 
etc.) and
2) for more direct outreach with a bit more of a message. 

Maybe they are both the same, but I was picturing the "Intel Inside" 
tiny sticker size with only 2 short words, like we see on our PCs, plus 
a larger one that has a slightly longer message - like fridge magnet size.

I've a list of ideas from our designer, but curious also what you might 
come up with.  Some that I'm leaning toward:

OSGeo Core (short)
OSGeo Power (short)
OSGeo Powered
Built on OSGeo
Grow with OSGeo
OSGeo: Manage Earth

Other comments?  I'll have to make a decision soon, so early comments 
appreciated :)

Best wishes,

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