[Marketing] Status of the Marketing Committee

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Sun Nov 13 15:35:23 EST 2011

My 0.02$ is that we do have a need for a Marketing committee, even if a 
large part of its mandate would be just to coordinate efforts of local 
chapters and ensure OSGeo is represented in a consistent way around the 

However we seem to have had trouble attracting the right people on the 
committee to keep it alive over the years. Maybe we just need to go 
after some marketing-oriented members and actively encourage them to 
join the committee?

On 11-11-10 07:41 PM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> Jody:
> What do you think is the barrier to attracting/motivating people to this?
> To put it another way: do you think the volunteer people we need are out
> there and we’re just not reaching them somehow, or do you think this is
> not a task OSGeo-type folks are likely to volunteer for?
> -mpg
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>     Folks,
>     how do you feel about this committee? Straight forward answers are
>     appreciated.
> It feels like the conference committee :-)
> We have a couple big fishes to fry (website, whitepapers) that are
> continually not addressed. We know what needs to be done; but cannot
> attract (or motivate) volunteers to put in the effort.
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