[Marketing] Hello Fellow *Evil* Marketers

Joshua McNary jmcnary at aerialservicesinc.com
Wed Sep 21 10:24:12 EDT 2011

Hi all,

Tyler Mitchell asked me to say hello since I had expressed an interest in helping to market FOSS/OSGeo wares.  At FOSS4G last week, much discussion was made on how to fold new types of people into the OSGeo camp and how to "package" the communtiy's offerings to the outside world -- without trouncing on its history and ethic.  Not an easy task.  

I'm one of those *evil* marketers who at times can get verbose and ridiculous trying to inform people of service/products.  But I also have seen the great value and opportunities in FOSS and have a genuine interest in what is possible because of it.  My employer is Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI), a mid-sized aerial orthoimagery acquirer and mapping firm based in Iowa.  We are a prime contractor on many Federal, State, and Local projects and there is a good chance you have unknowing used our data sometime down the line.  Anyway, we use FOSS in our internal and external client project management workflow and know it is powerful.  My goal here is to checkout the OSGeo "marketing" landscape and see if I can assist the community with my skill set (see LinkedIn for more details).

I am looking forward to chatting with you all!  

Joshua McNary
Marketing Manager
Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI)
6315 Chancellor Drive
P.O. Box 336
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
319-277-0436 (work)
jmcnary at aerialservicesinc.com

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