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On 05.04.2012 09:31, Alex Mandel wrote:
> On 04/04/2012 11:44 PM, Willy Bakker wrote:
>> I agree with Eli and Jeroen: a starter kit would be great. The
>> GWF will take place the last week of this month. How soon can I
>> expect an answer from the OSGeo board regarding the application
>> for funds? Time is running out. If it takes a long time to come
>> up with an answer, we'll inform the GWF exhibition committee that
>> we do not require a booth at the conference exhibition. Still,
>> for the next event (June 28th) we also are in need of good
>> marketing materials.
>> Regards, Willy
> Willy,
> Can you give us a breakdown of what the funds are for? Is it all
> booth cost or is some of it for materials like those in the 
> exhibition pack?
> Thanks, Alex (Marketing Committee Member)

I talked to Willy a few days ago and it boils down to a starter kit
like Cameron suggested. I would refrain from paying for booth or
admission out of OSGeo funds. But if there is a chance to help a Local
Chapter with non-consumables like a starter kit I am all in for it.

For OSGeo.nl it is a bit of a chicken and egg situation right now. If
there is a starter kit then OSGeo.nl will ask GWF to get a corner to
set it up (not a full fledged booth but more like an info stand). If
OSGeo.nl knows that they will not be able to get a starter kit in
place they will not bother asking for the stand. For the next event
OSGeo.nl will definitely need the stuff because a full fledged free
booth has already been dealed out with the organizer.

With two events coming up within short time I'd say this is a great
chance to get things off the ground. I'll put together a motion to
this effect.


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