[Marketing] Cleaning up the Marketing Exhibition Pack

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 06:44:04 EDT 2012

I've cleaned up the Marketing Exhibition Pack wiki, so that we can use 
it to assess when to allocate funds to regional chapters.

I hope to have this finalised within the next week, so it will be good 
to hear comments about whether it is ok or not.

I understand you are OSGeo treasurer? Can you please comment on the 
process we should follow to allocate marketing funds, as outlined here:
Also, do you have suggestions on how can the Marketing Committee keep 
track of budget allocated to the Marketing Committee?

On 25/04/2012 8:20 AM, Alex Mandel wrote:
> On 04/23/2012 02:04 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> On 24/04/2012 12:35 AM, Alex Mandel wrote:
>>> On 04/23/2012 05:36 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>>>> So that we can quickly respond to requests for funds for a Marketing
>>>> Exhibition Pack, I've been looking over our existing page here:
>>>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Exhibition_Pack
>>>> This has 2 tables in it, and descriptions of different items, all of
>>>> which could be simplified into one easier to maintain and understand
>>>> table.
>>>> Also, I think that we can probably revise what is required for this 
>>>> pack
>>>> now that we have a solid OSGeo-Live DVD we can reference.
>>>> In particular:
>>>> * We don't need a book of project descriptions, as we can point people
>>>> at OSGeo-Live running on a laptop.
>>>> * If we don't have all the paper on the stand, then we don't need a
>>>> literature stand.
>>>> * I'm not convinced a $200 OSGeo branded table skirt looks any better
>>>> than a $20 table cloth that most people would have at home and could
>>>> bring with them.
>>>> So I've updated what I think the Marketing Pack should include in a
>>>> spreadsheet here:
>>>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al9zh8DjmU_RcHU5MDE0Z3lienJlWUtkVjgtV1FfU0E#gid=0 
>>>> And if I don't hear any objections in the next couple of days, I 
>>>> plan to
>>>> remove most of the content from the Exhibition_Pack wiki and just 
>>>> point
>>>> the the google doc spreadsheet.
>>> I think the definitive copy should remain on the wiki as the document
>>> does not change often and linking pictures in of items is quite useful.
>> I'm open to having words in the wiki, but hope to reduce the
>> duplication, as duplication makes it harder to maintain, and harder to
>> read.
>>> The literature stand has mostly been used in the past to keep the OSGeo
>>> 1 page info sheet and FOSS4g postcards, hence the need only for 1. It's
>>> nice for getting some material off the table and noticeable from a
>>> distance.
>> Ok, I've put this back.
>>> I agree a black table cloth can be easily substituted, and that's 
>>> partly
>>> why we experimented with the table runner in CA which can be much
>>> cheaper.
>> I'm not familiar with a table runner. Do you have any links and a cost?
>>> Depending on the location a pop-up is not always feasible and
>>> so something on the table itself helps.
>>> As for paper materials, I'm hoping we can get the pdf output of the
>>> overviews from OSGeo-Live formatted nicely so that can be used as a
>>> spiral bound (or binder) on the table. Electricity at all 
>>> conferences is
>>> not always feasible either, so having a $5 low tech copy on hand is 
>>> good
>>> (1-2 quantity is sufficient).
>> I agree that this will be nice, but it will be a lot of work by someone
>> to print off and bind, and it also will get out dated every six months.
>> So I would add it to an optional section.
>>> So I guess I'd say we can shift some of these items to the optional
>>> section.
>>> I'll see if I can dig up some pictures to show what our table (CA
>>> Chapter) has looked like with the whole setup. You can probably find
>>> them on the wiki already.
>> Ok, pictures would be good.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Alex
> Here's what the California Chapter has been using
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/California/Exhibition_Pack
> You'll notice our literature stand is table-top, acrylic and cheap. We 
> also have a similar stand for a single document that we change to have 
> things like lists of Open Source talks at the event, or an Ad for the 
> Live disc. Here's our exhibition pack in live use
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/File:OSCON2009_boothstaff.JPG
> (Books on the table are my personal copies of GRASS and R Spatial 
> Analysis)
> There is a need for something non-electronic on the table. I've done 
> outdoor, in the sun and everything in between; power and internet are 
> not reliable and so even laptops only work for so long. Also many 
> people are hesitant to approach a computer or use the mouse even if 
> you have it facing them with a sign saying, try me!
> To address this we've found business cards with the website and the 
> projects listed is really easy for people to take. If we can get a 
> clean pdf output of the OSGeo Live overviews I think a 3 ring binder 
> on the table with those in it will be very useful, updatable and not 
> very expensive to maintain.
> I can see why one might comment that 
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Exhibition_Pack has redundancy - 2 tables. 
> We can put that all in one table if we want but might make the table 
> too wide to fit on most screens. Google docs is nice but we really 
> don't update the page that much, it is supposed to be somewhat 
> official and the wiki page is much easier to recall from memory. I 
> could see keeping the cost matrix on google docs linked off the 
> current wiki page with the existing descriptions.
> Thanks,
> Alex
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