[Marketing] Marketing meeting to finalise definition of an OSGeo Ambassador role

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed May 30 15:14:09 PDT 2012

On 31/05/2012 12:08 AM, Jo Cook wrote:
> My thoughts- initially I thought the idea was too complicated, but if 
> we envisage outside organisations/conferences coming to us for 
> speakers, then we will need something like you suggest. I wonder, in 
> all honesty, how much that is going to happen, but at least we will 
> have somewhere to point them to.

In 2012, there have been 22 events that I'm aware of that have/are 
planning to made use of the OSGeo-Live DVD (or the presentation): 

At most/all of these events there an OSGeo presentation, usually based 
upon our OSGeo-Live presentation, and I've usually been involved in 
finding someone to give these presentations.

I suspect that Arnulf and others could testify to similar numbers of 

So, from personal experience, I would find it very useful to have a list 
of ambassadors to point conference organisors at.

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