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I've been distracted and dropped the ball on this thread. I'm back on it 

What I meant to say a few weeks back is thanks for your offer. It would 
be great if you could do some research into printing/shipping options 
and provide us with a recommendation.

On 9/05/2013 11:05 AM, Bob Basques wrote:
> All,
> I often wondered about why these weren't just all run off at once and 
> shipped out to the different events as needed.  first come, first 
> serve sort of idea.  Easier to mange too, reserve some amount for 
> pressing, some amount for shipping, and that's it for the funding 
> cycle (unless more funding comes along).
> When you are to factor in all this charge back handling stuff it 
> starts to get real expensive overhead wise.  Even if you went the 
> route of having regional printings, I would bet it would still be 
> cheaper than sending the money out to each group and having them press 
> their own items.
> I could find a local entity here that might be in a poistion to handle 
> this type of thing. . .
> Anyway, just food for thought.
> bobb
>> Hi Cameron,
>> I have to admit that you caught me off-guard, the list is more 
>> impressive than I thought before reviewing it.  :-)
>> I still find that having to deal with funding DVDs for so many events 
>> can be an issue. It is not just about processing micro-payments, you 
>> also need to collect and archive proofs that the expense you are 
>> reimbursing is legitimate (i.e. receipts) for OSGeo's accounting. I 
>> have seen how complicated this can be with just the Local chapter 
>> starter kits, imagine doing this for ~100 DVD print runs all around 
>> the world.
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