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Hi markeeters, 

A few thougths, in no particular order:
1. I suggest this question is not just about the MarkCom's mandate (the rights) but also about the MarkCom's responsibilities (the duties).

2. Marketing, PR and communication are 3 terms that are related closely. To my idea marketing could be about defining a message and an audience), PR is about sending the message to the audience and communication is about handling the messages you get back from the audience. 
That's just my interpretation, my main point is that too often anything related to communication is handed over to the marketing & PR department. 
Thus, in the smallest sense MarkCom is the abbreviation for MarketingCommittee, 
and in the broadest sense it should be MarkComCom (Marketing and Communications Committee). ;-)

3. I see a close relationship between MarkCom & Planet.OSgeo.org

4. Although MarkCom probably relies on the website as one of its channels, it seems odd to me to make MarkCom responsible for the website from a technical/infrastructural point of view. MarkCom should define what it needs are (easy ways for blogging, sending uit press releases) and be responsible for the content and probably the styling&design, although that's more a communications aspect. 

Perhaps SAC should be responsible for translation the functional needs of MarkCom into a technical solution, either self-hosted or in the cloud. 
(My prediction: in this functional-centered approach changes are high to end up with WordPress instead of the more tech-based Drupal ;-)  )

Of course this can be done by an external party in a project, as long as you know which committee is responsible for maintenance after delivering the projects results

5. Find out what the outreach committees, projects, local & regional chapters and events need and expect from MarkCom. 

6. For OSGeo outreach, start with thinking of which domains are high-potentials for outreach. 
Broadcasting to 8 billion Earthlings isn't useful, narrowcasting to specific groups (open source but not-yet geospatial developers & users, open data owners and users) makes more sense.

kind regards, 


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Sounds good to me


Am 2016-11-30 18:39, schrieb Jody Garnett:
> Figured I would start this conversation here on the marketing email 
> list, and then we can move over to the board list when we have
> something:
> From meeting notes it was hard to make decisions without a mandate, 
> but when we started looking at a budget for 2017 things became real 
> clear in a hurry ...
> mandate:
> 1) osgeo outreach (focused on growing our community with new users)
> 2) establish a marketing stratagy for 2017
> 3) support ongoing activities / events like last year (marketing 
> collateral, marketing handbook)
> 4) website reboot (by boston 2017 event)
> There are lots of details we are enthusiastic about (for example what 
> is inside website reboot); but for a mandate we are looking for 
> _confirmation of our responsibility ... not direction on how we meet 
> it._
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> Jody Garnett
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