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Hi Jody, 



Glad to see this refinement! (a step we too often minimize).


Allow me to add a few ideas, as a devil's advocate, with world-wide well-known Dutch rudeness ;-)


In order of appearance:

1) I'd change "new users" to "new participants, both users and developers, with or without a geospatial or open source background


2) "Establish a marketing strategy" isn't a purpose on its own, but it aims at certain goals , I assume.  Most likely these goals are the goals as laid out in the strategy as defined by the Board in the last year.  


3) "Providing support for events" can be fine-tuned as well. What do events expect from MarkCom anyway? 


4) The phrase "for 2017 we are willing to take responsibility for managing a RFQ process to reboot . . " (read out loud!) doesn't seem to be inspired by an overload of enthusiasm, nor does it hold the promise to a concrete result (what will happen after the RFQ?). 

How about "the MarkCom takes responsibility for rebooting the OSGeo website, which includes ensuring it's long-term maintenance". To be established before the start of FOSS4G-2017.


5) The last sentence, about not being responsible for all communications could be turned in a more positive objective by rewriting it like "an important objective of the MarkCom is to provide OSGeo.org (including it's committees, projects and local chapters) with an infrastructure of communication channels through which their announcements, press releases etc. can be broadcasted. This infrastructure aims to place these individual announcements etc. in the broader framework of the entire OSGeo community. 

(ha, being a policy maker for over 8 years seems to bear fruit in this sentence...)



Regarding 3) and 5): I think a revamp of OSGeo's corporate design makes sense. If that's too much for this year, at least a cleanup (hit the delete button!) of our documentation regarding the official logo, colors etc would be very useful. 

As co-webmaster of a local chapter and as member of the FOS4G LOC I noticed that our "OSGeo.org style guide" is scattered across several documents in SVN.

This could be a concrete target mandate as well; be the house-keeper of the OSGeo corporate design. Which is somewhere between "MarkCom" and "MarkComCom", I guess.




Kind regards, 










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Thanks for feedback Astrid, Gert-Ja (and Jeff!).


Gert-Ja I am having trouble turning your feedback into a useful mandate to ask the board for. In a sense I want to answer your question of if we are a MarkCom or MarkComCom ...   not sure if I am being slow on the uptake, or if are answering a different question?


Let me try again in the form of a letter we can send to the board. 


OSGeo Board:


The marketing committee is in the process of reforming and would like to ask for a mandate (similar to what has been provided in the motion to form the conference committee <https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Motion_to_form_Conference_Committee> , incubation committee <http://www.osgeo.org/incubator/IncubatorMotion.html> , ...).


The revamped committee seeks responsibility for:

* growing our community with new users

* establish a marketing strategy

* providing support for events


Specifically for 2017 we are willing to take responsibility for:

* Managing a RFQ process to reboot the OSGeo website


We should be clear that this is a marketing committee focused on user outreach. We are not taking responsibility for all OSGeo communication. The OSGeo board is expected to continue to issue press releases. OSGeo projects are expected to continue to offer release announcements for developers. Events are expected to handle their own publicity. 


Jody Garnett

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