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Marc Vloemans marcvloemans1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 12:16:01 PDT 2017

Dear all,

Before we get too much lost in details I invite y'all to step back and for a minute approach our rebrand project with some distance. We run the risk of getting a mediocre one-size-fits-all website. As there is no workable version of our strategy, our proposition(s) and USP(s) and message(s) regarding a multitude of stakeholders. We now run the risk of missing out on potential interest. Something I have dreaded since the whole rebrand/website Initiative came our way. And even more, as we have an August deadline.

Last week's project hangout/discussion and various comments on the mailing list revolved to a large degree around technicalities, missing items and relative details.
Thus avoiding the fact that we - as an organisation still have not made real choices regarding our tailoring of our propositions, messages to various stakeholders.(Unless we want to be everything to all)

Not to my surprise, I was contacted by GetInteractive with the question to help them in getting some answers. What is our 'plan' as input to design the brand and site (a wire frame is a design tool that needs input)

I have brushed off the earlier concept strategic marketing plan (see Marketing wiki page, tab Discussion). And spend all of today with GetInteractive to explain the plan and translate that more in detail for our various/different stakeholders. What would these each require and how is the site  to accommodate each of them? Is each specific stakeholder addressed and can he/she  find the relevant info and help? For each stakeholder a 'site visitor journey' is formulated. However, some questions still remain. GetInteractive wants to discuss these with us tomorrow in our scheduled meet. 

(And no, I am intentionally not raising this on the general discuss list.)

Hope you can attend tomorrow's Hangout!

Kind regards,
Marc Vloemans

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