[Marketing] osgeo conference logistics

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 11:26:23 PDT 2017

Astrid I am replying to your message here (so the vote can stay focused on
the vote):

Please note that I send yesterday a parcel to TX with
> * stickers - OSGeo, OSGeo-Cube, OSM
> * OSGeo-Live postcards
> * some foss4g stickers, foss4g-cards
> * costs 37,80 Euro
> I did not send flyer yet. And I did not update the flyer (Jodys version)
> yet. Still a todo. Thought Sara could better print them directly in TX
> instead of sending them from Germany

Sara is just volunteering to do the booth. It will be me and you that print
the material (although I think I will ask treasurer at osgeo.org to use the
osgeo credit card).

I do not think we will use all of the $400 USD requested, but we can use
some of it to reimburse you for your shipping costs above. Once this motion
passes please send expense/receipt to treasurer at osgeo.org.
Jody Garnett
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