[Marketing] proposal: material for oscon conference

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 11:11:04 PDT 2017

Today is deadline for voting, Astrid if you can assemble a good collection
of content we can ask treasurer at osgeo.org to have this printed for pickup.


*Propose a budget of $400 USD to support volunteers at OSCon 2017 event
(power, drape, handouts, stickers).*

Here is the current status:

   - Peter Batty
   - Nicolas Bozon
   - Arnulf Christl
   - Astrid Emde +1
   - Jody Garnett +1 initial motion
   - Harrison Grundy
   - Jeff Johnson +1
   - Alex Mandel
   - Peter Mooney
   - Cameron Shorter
   - Guido Stein +1 seconded
   - Marc Vloemans

We neeed two more votes to make 50% quorum (don't make me send individual
emails out).
Jody Garnett
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