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Tue Jan 31 10:59:04 PST 2017

Maxi et al.

Regarding reimbursement of flyers and stickers;
- stickers best be printed locally (printing overseas And shipment is not quite cost And time efficient)

- flyers; files can be downloaded from OSGeo wiki marketing for printing

- Reimbursement Arduino boards....148 Euro....perhaps finding a local sponsor should have been arranged before buying...

In order not to waste time: I propose total reimbursement of 200 Euro incl VAT. 

Reimbursement; we do not have a policy yet reg max amount per occasion. My suggestion: maximum cost to be reimbursed 200Euro (should suffice to give all 28+ participants at least one of each)
Needed: official approval of Marketing Budget by the Board (the wiki on budgets may not be up to date...)
@Jody or other Board members: please advice! Otherwise let it come initially from unspent budget 2016.

@Maxi: Last but not least, please, allow Committee at next opportunity for more time in advance to approve or disapprove on budget. 

Kind regards,
Marc Vloemans

> Op 31 jan. 2017 om 18:52 heeft Massimiliano Cannata <massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch> het volgende geschreven:
> dear All,
> the 8th February we will have a course on Open Monitoring Network at the FOSS4G-IT in Genova.
> We have up-to-now 28 subscribed people.
> Today I have bought materials to run the course (arduino boards, sensors, resistors, etc.) for the amount of EUR 148,55
> Our idea is to give (leave) each participant an "OSgeo Sensor kit": Arduino board and one temperature sensor.
> My mail is to ask:
> 1) for reimbursement (within the commitee budget)
> 2) for OSGeo marketing if material is available, this is to include with the sensor kit (stickers, USB, flyers, etc.)
> Regards,
> Maxi
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