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Mon Jul 24 14:18:14 PDT 2017

On 24 July 2017 at 22:29, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:

> We are still waiting on final style guide, see v1 below.
> [image: PDF file]
> CONCEPT-styleguide-osgeo-v1.p…
> <https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B08AjQ2hqLipTnByNEFNbGZvOHM>
> In addition to this draft - and a template was provided where you could
> type in the subheading. It basically lines up with the main text.
> [image: Illustrator Drawing]
> subbrand-generator.ai
> <https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B08AjQ2hqLipYTZuQVhfb3RLWm8>
> thanks for useful files,

> It is an interesting point - I had assume local chapters would all make
> their own logo (we provided some examples as part of the expression of
> interest process ). Marc and the designer assumed everyone would use the
> same logo with different headings.
maybe this should be discussed with chapters, I would like the idea but
maybe other no... In Italy for example there was no discussion about
that...I will open one soon

> Do not check for email, check the meeting minuets for record of previous
> discussion.

Ok, I will do


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