[Marketing] Approval sitemap v4 & wireframes v9

Pim Tebbens p.tebbens at getinteractive.nl
Mon Jun 12 06:13:08 PDT 2017


As an action point of Wednesday June 7th we need to have an approval on the
wireframes v9 and sitemap v4 to continue our work developing the new OSGeo
website. If there are any questions let me know.

*Sitemap: *https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B08AjQ2hqLipOE9EQ1NGN2dNanM
*Wireframes: *https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B08AjQ2hqLipMmxRWFYtR1ZKLWM

The wireframes are also viewable in InVision <https://invis.io/ZCBA3XH54>.

With regards,
Pim Tebbens

+31 (0)30 60 808 48
p.tebbens at getinteractive.nl



Dorpsstraat 50, 3433 CM Nieuwegein

*Op dit e-mailbericht zijn de Algemene voorwaarden van Get Interactive van
toepassing.Deze kunt u terug vinden op onze
website http://www.getinteractive.nl/algemene-voorwaarden/
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