[Marketing] Today's Meeting Agenda - Project component 1 + 3 sign-off and Updated Guided Search

Pim Tebbens p.tebbens at getinteractive.nl
Wed Sep 13 01:07:31 PDT 2017

Hi list,

Today’s meeting is this afternoon, for today's meeting we would like to
discuss the following items:

   - Project component 1 + 3 sign-off
   - Updated Guided Search

I've added the agenda items for today's meeting to the 'Website/Rebranding
meetings' document. Here's the link to the document:

Link to the HangOuts Meeting: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/

(Other links and further detailed information on today's agenda items will
be posted in the 'Website/Rebranding meetings' document.)

Met vriendelijke groet,
With regards,
Pim Tebbens

+31 (0)30 60 808 48
p.tebbens at getinteractive.nl



Dorpsstraat 50, 3433 CM Nieuwegein

*Op dit e-mailbericht zijn de Algemene voorwaarden van Get Interactive van
toepassing.Deze kunt u terug vinden op onze
website http://www.getinteractive.nl/algemene-voorwaarden/
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