[Marketing] software vs project website discussion of gvsig and qgis

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 10:46:07 PDT 2017

The choose-a-project wizard is now working, we had to cut down some of the
tags last week and change how the pages were done to make it happen.

This touches on a conversation with Steve Feldman from the code sprint. As
part of the focus exercise the home page <http://osgeo.getinteractive.nl>
was changed to says "Choose your software" which then links to

It does bring up two interesting cases:

1) http://osgeo.getinteractive.nl/projects/qgis/

QGIS - has several software projects now under one banner.

* QGIS Desktop
* QGIS Server
* more?

This is kind of messing with the system (and resulting in oddities like
QGIS being listed as a cloud processing service, I assume QGIS server could
run in the cloud and qgis desktop offers processing).

2) http://osgeo.getinteractive.nl/projects/gvsig/

Same thing, there are now multiple gvSig software projects:
- gvSIG Desktop
- gvNIX
- gvSIG Mobile
- i3Geo

Recommendation for the beta website:

- Making the QGIS Association page under Partners, linking to individual
pages for QGIS and QGIS Server project pages.
- Makin the gvSIG Association link to the individual software project pages
for gvSIG Desktop, gvNIX, gvSIG  Mobile, i3Geo.
Jody Garnett
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