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Steven Feldman shfeldman at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 07:59:00 PDT 2018

A quick scan of the web site suggests that multiple content creators are possibly a source of inconsistency in the way we do things.

For example - on the resources tab we have an enormous number of pdfs uploaded by geo for all, this is going to get out of control unless we offer better filtering and some archiving. The search and filter don’t seem to work for me but that might be a safari thing (don’t have time to test with another browser right now). Alternatively we could encourage them to host their newsletters on their web site and just provide one link in the resources section of the OSGeo web site

Initiatives seem to be proliferating (I acknowledge my own small bit of responsibility here) - that may be a great thing but should someone be deciding what constitutes an initiative that should appear on the web site? Maybe the marketing committee does do this?

Member bios are inconsistent, some do not have photos some do not have any content  apart from a couple of ticks in projects e.g. https://www.osgeo.org/member/pawley/ <https://www.osgeo.org/member/pawley/>. 

The member search also returns some unexpected results e.g. Jo Cook, Ian Turton and Matt Walker (friends and colleagues of mine) all have Astun Technology in their bios and under the ‘company’ field, I have Astun Technology in bio:
if you search for Astun only Jo’s name is returned
If you search for Astun Technology none of our names are returned

The service providers section shows 9 logos on the first page (with loads of follow on pages- it appears that these first 9 are not randomly selected, this could cause some upset. Filtering by location takes you to a nightmare dropdown which IMO needs cleaning up. Surely the location filter should be at country level or perhaps in the US at state but not at individual towns/cities where people are located?

There is a lot of news being posted which is great but it appears in 9 large blocks with 63 follow on pages! Perhaps we need to look at a way of presenting more news items on the front page and also a way of accessing past news by having a date filter or selector? Are there any criteria as to what constitutes OSGeo news (community and foundation) and who can post?

Nothing disastrous in these observations but perhaps an indication of how the site could become unwieldy and inconsistent in behaviour and content if we don’t try to set some policies or guidelines now.


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