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Astrid Emde (OSGeo) astrid_emde at osgeo.org
Sat Dec 1 04:41:50 PST 2018

Hello Nicolas,

thanks for your great work on the symbols.

Here are my comments on some project logos.

* Change name of osgeo-live to osgeo-osgeolive as we now write OSGeoLive
* PostGIS uses a wrong logo: PostGIS logo looks like this: 
* PyWPS - should contain the text too http://pywps.org/
* mapfish - should contain the text in the logo http://www.mapfish.org/
* pgRouting logo looks like this https://pgrouting.org/

Shall we take the osgeo issue tracker to make comments?

I also agree with Jody that some OSGeo logos do not follow the style 
guide. But I still do like them. So we should get into discussion what 
we do with the logos.


Am 21.11.2018 00:29 schrieb Jody Garnett:
> Hi Jody,
>> Thank you for your constructive feedbacks.
>>> I am a bit confused on this one - part of the point of having our
>>> mark was to use it everywhere on all the OSGeo things.
>> Our mark is our beloved compass, and these variations on the compass
>> are meant to represent all the OSGeo things :)
>> I get your point here, but i think these symbols could be great to
>> help differenciate the many facets of OSGeo.
>> Imagine a new comer that could for example identify each of our
>> activity very clearly. I think that symbols might help him to
>> understand the foundation and find his way, with always the compass
>> shape in mind of course :)
> I understand, and indeed I assumed we would go with the sub brand
> approach myself. As such I am not the best person to do the pros/cons
> between the ideas :)
> This is a case where I love your work, and want to double check our
> strategy.
> The style guide is here:
> https://github.com/OSGeo/osgeo/tree/master/marketing/branding [1]
> The summary has:
>> _Logos are as provided for OSGeo and sub-brands (all of which
>> include the unalterned OSGeo mark). Distinct brands (such as
>> GeoForAll and OSGeo Live) maintain their own mark._
>> _While logos have been produced with Miriam Libre Bold and Sintony
>> Regular the resulting shapes have been reduced to outlines for use
>> on systems that do not have the correct fonts available. A template
>> has been provided for the generation of additional sub-brand logos._
> aside: We really need this converted to html for our website.
>> You are right, and i think Boundless did a great elephant design on
>> the old OpenGeo Suite, so i got inspired :)
>> Slonik is a lovely but very detailed SVG, so difficult to integrate
>> in such a symbol set. That's why i decided to use a simpler one.
>> I will try to modify it before the PostGIS folks complain :)
> Chance for collaboration rather than complaints, I think everyone can
> see the design limitation.
> Our OSGeo compass outline does not "quite" work, since there is not
> much room for the project identify inside. I think we had sub branding
> as a priority we would of done it a little bit different.
>>> - get-it just added themselves to the website wrong and have not
>>> yet asked to be a community project? I am trying to confirm now
>>> ...
>> Whoa, my bad, sorry ! i didn't know one could become a Community
>> Project so easily :)
> We like projects to ask, the code and project is reviewed on the
> incubation list, etc..
>> Yes, please confirm with the Incubation Committee about their
>> application. I see you already removed it from the website so i will
>> remove it from the set.
> Yeah I may of messed up there, trying to figure it out.
>>> - Loader is being added (it is approved but still has a draft web
>>> page)
>> Good point, will plan to integrate the Loader logo, but i can't find
>> it by now :(
> To be honest I do not think they have a logo.
>>> - GC2/Vidi was just added yesterday
>> Yes, and the Mapcentia logo is already in the set. I understand both
>> GC2 and Vidi use the same logotype right ?
> Yeah and that is the logo of the company so ... not the best logo for
> the project? Actually if you wanted to stop by the incubation list we
> could talk to the projects directly.
>> Thanks again and talk soon
> Indeed!
> Jody
> Links:
> ------
> [1] https://github.com/OSGeo/osgeo/tree/master/marketing/branding
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