[Marketing] Introduction

Jan Keil keil at osua.info
Mon Sep 2 14:08:26 PDT 2019

Dear OSgeo marketing team,

I would like to use this chance and introduce myself.
My name is Jan Keil, I have been at FOSS4G for the first time recently
in Bucharest.

I have a lot of interests, where geospatial is still only a hobby. Will
see what the future will bring.
Some short overview of my business expertise you can find in LinkedIn:
https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-keil-2011a61/ (Please connect ;))
My daily bread and butter I earn as a marketing executive.

Personally I am kinda extroverted, but still a calm fellow. I am good at
listening to people and have a good sense of mediating opposition parties.
I am happily married, father of 2 (soon plus 1) kids and we are living
in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In my youth, I had the luck to be a part of the German Chaos Computer
Club and founding member of the local CCC community "entropia" in

(spoiler alarm)
I would like to join you, let's say, because of the bigger picture.
After years of pure "profit maximization for the sake of the
shareholders" I got more mature, went through different challenges and
adjusted my inner world view towards "sharing means caring".

This said, I would like to support your marketing activities and are
open-minded to whatever comes up.

All the best,

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