[Marketing] Promoting OSGeo projects on The MapScaping Podcast

Daniel O'Donohue danodonohue at gmail.com
Tue May 19 00:52:34 PDT 2020

Hi OSGeo Marketing List

My name is Daniel O’Donohue, I am a big fan and user of open source
geospatial software. I am also the host of The MapScaping Podcast which is
a weekly podcast for the geospatial community.

I would like to work with you to increase the awareness of open source
geospatial software. I have published episodes about Postgres/ Postgis,
QGIS, QField and Input, R, and geospatial python which my audience has
responded well to. I would really like to promote and introduce people to
other open-source geospatial tools but producing and publishing podcasts is
not free and finding qualified guests to talk about things like GeoNode and
Geoserver is not easy.

Before I go into more detail about how we might be able to work together,
here is a brief introduction to the podcast.

The MapScaping Podcast is a podcast created for the geospatial community. I
publish a mixture of technical educational episodes focusing on specific
concepts and thought leadership episodes that look at certain aspects of
the geospatial industry.

Our audience consists of business owners and geospatial professionals. 65%
of our audience is based in North America with the bulk of the remaining
35% being based in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

The average episode is downloaded between 1700 and 2100 times in the first
week after publication and will be downloaded an estimated 4000 - 5000
times in the first. These numbers are based on organic distribution and do
not take into account any paid marketing efforts on our part. We work hard
to increase the reach of the podcast and I am confident we can dramatically
increase these numbers in the coming months but this is what the numbers
look like today.

For every episode, we produce we also create a 2000 - 2500 word SEO
optimized article and spend a week promoting the episode across our various
channels. MapScaping has 31,400 followers on Twitter and 54,000 on
Facebook. Our email list is just over 2000.

How we might be able to work together

Each podcast episode and accompanying article costs $500 USD to produce and

So my pitch to you is this:


   We split the cost, $250 each. OSGeo helps me find a qualified guest to
   talk about one of OSgeo’s projects and I produce and promote the podcast

   OSGeo helps promote the podcast episode to their audience/list

If this is something that you might want to be involved with I would love
to hear from you. Also happy to go into more detail and answer any
questions you might have.

Hope you are all safe and well. This is my first time posting to the list
so apologies if I have broken in rules, that was not my intention!


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