[MetaCRS] Motion: Extend Commit Rights to Andre Barth

Hugues Wisniewski hugues.wisniewski at autodesk.com
Fri Nov 5 14:09:11 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I would like to extend Andre Barth's rights so he can submit to the MetaCRS depot
He would be contributing to the CsMap depot and test suites.
He's been assisting Norm Olsen this past year while the RFC2 was designed and he then worked on the test suite to identify regressions triggered by the redesign.
As part of the implementation of the RFC2 he implemented the Badekas transformation (a 10 parameter transformation which is  similar to the Bursa-Wolf transformation) used in the geodetic transformation Ocotepeque35b_to_WGS84, used in coordinate systems covering areas around Costa Rica.
Test suites specific to this enhancement were also produced to provide the most accurate results possible.
Working closely with Norm Olsen and myself, judging from his motivation, the high quality of his work and his commitment to a job well done,  I am confident that Andre will be of a great help on the CsMap team in the future.

Thanks a lot

+1 Hugues
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