[MetaCRS] Translation WGS84 to Mercator

Косолапов Глеб thunderlion at yandex.ru
Tue Nov 23 03:54:36 EST 2010

Hi, everyone from Russia!

I'm using proj4js with OpenLaerys. 
I must translate WGS84 to Mercator (EPSG:3395, for example).
My country lies through 180th meridian (antimeridian). So, in WGS84 this territory ends near 190 longitude. And everything works fine.
But when I transform 190 lat to Mercator, I get negative value -18924313.434856504. That's very bad for every operation with Mercator coordinates in OpenLayers.

Please, help me how to transform 190 lat to positive Mercator using proj4js...

Regards, Gleb.

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