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Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sun Oct 15 00:44:33 EDT 2006


I would like to add some additional use cases:

TC has loaded some polygon data from different sources. He has some some 
adjacent polygons that he want to share a common edge. He needs to 
select each polygon and the start and end of the shared edge on each 
that needs to be snapped together. The first polygon can be the control 
and the second one gets manipulated. The edge of the second between the 
start and end gets removed and replaced by points from the first between 
its start and end marks.

TC does not like some of the points on the shared edge, he would like to 
select the two polygons and move some of the points along the shared 
edge and some that are not shared. After looking at his handiwork and TC 
would like to undo the last few moves.

TC thinks it is a bother to keep selecting both polygons to do the 
manipulation and would prefer to "link them together" along the common edge.

To some extent this imply using topology, and planning for topology 
support could be very powerful, but this can also be done by maintaining 
some additional pointers and tracking and updating their children and 
avoiding circular references.

-Steve W.

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Take 2 at the design:
> To avoid swamping the list with large images, I've copied the diagrams
> to my blog:
> http://cameronshorter2.blogspot.com/2006/10/ajax-vector-rendering-design.html 
> On 10/15/06, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Dan, you are right. Now updated.
>> Dan R. Greening wrote:
>> > Just some skimmed-it comments:
>> >
>> > Don't Polygon and Line each aggregate a List of Coord?  I would use the
>> > diamond aggregate to denote this, because if you delete a Polygon you
>> > presumably want all the Coords deleted also.  Pointer sort-of implies
>> > the Coords have a life of their own.  Also maybe you want a 3..* on
>> > Polygon and a 2 on Line.
>> >
>> > Dan R. Greening, Ph.D.,  CEO BigTribe Corporation,
>> > http://dan.greening.name/contact.htm
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > On Oct 13, 2006, at 5:32 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> >
>> >> Following on from the discussion about Vector Rendering in browsers,
>> >> I've put together my thoughts as to what the design should look like.
>> >> (As a UML diagram)
>> >>
>> >> I've also included the raw UML (it was created on Umbrello using 
>> Linux).
>> >> --
>> >> Cameron Shorter
>> >> http://cameron.shorter.net
>> >> <Layers.png>
>> >> <Graphics.png>
>> >> <Controls.png>
>> >> <graphics.xmi>
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