[OpenLayers-Dev] OpenLayers Infrastructure

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Wed Oct 18 11:02:25 EDT 2006

Over the past few days, some of you may have noticed some
infrastructure-related problems with various parts of the openlayers.org
domain. The source of these problems was with the machine that hosts
openlayers.org, which chose to have a disk failure on Friday morning. (I
will never again doubt the suspicions of Friday the 13th being a bad
luck day.)

In the resulting mad scramble, we've been able to recover a fair amount
of the OpenLayers.org content and set it up on new disks:

 * Trac is up to date: only about three hours of difference between
   our most recent backup and the disk crash. 
 * The website is up to date. 
 * Subversion lost revisions between the 8th and 13th. However, these
   changes have all been checked back in as one big commit: therefore,
   the subversion repository is up to date with all the code that was
   created in that time period.
   The revision numbers, however, no longer match, so you will be unable
   to update any Subversion repository which was more recent than r1694,
   and will have to check out a clean copy from Subversion. I'm sorry
   about that, but unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way
   around it.

Unfortunately, among the information that was not backed up was the
OpenLayers.org mailing lists. The full archives are currently available,
and will be populated into the mailman archive in the relatively near
future. However, barring data recovery from the drive, it will not be
possible to recover subscriber lists for users who have never posted to
the mailing lists. 

Currently, the mailing lists are populated with the lists of users who
have sent email to the lists. In some cases, this may include
inappropriate duplicates, and in many cases, we have missed users who
were previously subscribed. Hopefully we can find a way to communicate
to those users who were previously on the mailing list that they need to
sign up again via the website and wiki. 

The mailing list pages at http://openlayers.org/mailman/listinfo will
allow you to change the settings for your list subscriptions, if any
mistakes have been made.  

We have taken steps to ensure that this type of failure does not occur in
the future, and that proper monitoring will allow us to recover more
quickly from this type of failure in the future, should it happen again.
We apologize for any problems this may have caused in the past few days.

Christopher Schmidt

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