[OpenLayers-Dev] Some questions about WFS-T

Andrea Aime aaime at openplans.org
Mon Apr 2 16:00:34 EDT 2007

Christopher Schmidt ha scritto:

>> Another thing I noticed, this time in the wfs-states.html sample, is
>> that while the states layer is loading, firefox is frozen, and 
>> performing a CPU intensive task (I guess it's GML parsing).
>> The same goes with IE7, with the aggravation that IE suggests killing
>> the script that's blocking it (with a popup).
> Yes. GML parsing is slow. 

I'm under the impression that you're requesting all the properties
from a WFS layer, while using only the geometric one (the first you
find I guess, since there may be many) to depict the layer.
It would be better to just load what you need, and then eventually
load the full feature on demand. On a layer with a crazy number
of properties like states (more than 100 if I remember properly)
it should help.


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