[OpenLayers-Dev] read-only TileCache

Tim Schaub noreply at geocartic.com
Tue Apr 3 17:18:53 EDT 2007


There was some talk some time ago about read-only support in TileCache. 
  If you have a web accessible cache and want to accomplish this in 
OpenLayers, you can use a TileCache layer as demonstrated here:


It seems to me like this should provide the fastest access to your 
tiles.  It also can be used to view tiles cached by TileCache with a 
browser only (no server side dependencies).

Note that this example uses an array of URLs for the cache.  A single 
URL string is also an option.  Also, the example shows how you might 
return an alternate image (one that looks like water perhaps) where you 
don't have an image cached.


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