[OpenLayers-Dev] Support for PointSnapping, EditingMode, MovePathPoint features in the merged branch.

Tim Schaub noreply at geocartic.com
Mon Apr 9 12:14:35 EDT 2007


Louvy Joseph wrote:
> Hi,
> In the old vector branch, there used to be MovePathPoint example where 
> we can snap to a vertex and move them around. On the next save, it would 
> generate wfs-t update transaction. What is the equivalent functionality 
> in the merged branch? I could not find an example for modifying an 
> existing wfs feature on the screen.

Vector support in 2.4 is largely about rendering.  In addition you get 
the ability to do heads-up digitizing (through the DrawFeature control) 
and the ability to select features (SelectFeature control).

In 2.5, look for full feature editing capabilities.  I've got a 
ModifyFeature control in the works.  I'll send out a note when this is 
ready to play with.  With any luck it will be in the trunk just a bit 
after the 2.4 release.


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