[OpenLayers-Dev] Performance benchmark numbers for geoserver + openlayers wfs combination..

Louvy Joseph louvy.joseph at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 15:01:03 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I cross posted the same question geoserver aliases but I am checking 
here too for any real world performance numbers.

I am looking for performance benchmark numbers for geoserver with heavy 
wfs usage through openlayers.  My needs are more or less equivalent to 
http://sigma.openplans.org/ site. Is there anybody involved in that site 
development on this maling list? I want to use geoserver, openalyers, 
postgis, tilecache, WFS & WMS and TIGERLINE kind of data for North America.

Does anybody know the hardware + software configuration of 
http://sigma.openplans.org/ site? I mean, what kind of CPUs, memory, 
hard-disks, bandwidth etc? How many simultaneous users can it handle?

I would like to switch over to mapserver or mapguide for WMS needs 
instead of Geoserver. Any comments on this from community?

Is there non-Java WFS server (I mean alternative to Geoserver) which can 
work with openlayers? I am little concerned about Java performance 
issues for such computing intensive work. Any opinions/suggestions are 

But my real intention of this email is to assess any had numbers for a 
reasonably real-world geoserver+openlayer installation (may be on the 
lines of http://sigma.openplans.org/ site).

Thanks in advance..
Louvy Joseph

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